Zooz is an aesthetic art organization that offers unique wearable and portable cyanotype art products, rooted in the traditional cyanotype technique but processed with modern technology. For us, each product is a story; the sunlight is the first word of this story. Sunlight is the source of life for our products, and this unique process combines the beauty of nature with aesthetic appeal.

Art and nature define the essence of our organization. Each of our products reflects an aesthetic sensibility where these two powerful influences converge. The classical elegance of traditional art is at the core of each of our products. The perfect harmony of art, nature, and technology shapes the essence of our products.

Our wearable collections integrate aesthetics into your personal style. They add an artistic touch to your style, emphasizing your uniqueness and aesthetic sensibility. Our portable artworks carry the same aesthetic understanding and invite you to an aesthetic experience every day, whether in your home or office.



At Zooz, we are delighted to share this unique blend of sunlight and aesthetic art with you. If you want to bring the inner beauty of nature and the enchantment of art into your life, we are here for you. We invite you to join an aesthetic experience and explore the magic of beauty and art.

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